Town Improvement Fund Guidance Notes

Please read these guidance notes before filling in the Application Form below. The Neyland Town Council Town Improvement fund has been designed to improve Neyland and the quality of life of its’ residents by providing support funding for eligible projects.

Who is eligible to apply?

This fund is designed to be as open as possible and as such there are few limits to who can apply. We will accept applications from all voluntary groups / clubs / religious organisations actively working in Neyland. It is by no means exclusively for such groups either; the general guidance is that if your project will positively affect those living in the Neyland Town Council wards of Neyland East and Neyland West then we want to hear from you.

The only two exceptions at this point are;

1) Projects not directly affecting the people of Neyland.

2) We cannot currently accept applications from individuals or businesses.

Help with the Application?

Assistance with the application form can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk. It is stressed that this application form is not designed to be difficult. We do not want you to have to spend hours completing your application, basic details and evidence is all that is required.

How much can we apply for?

There is no official limit on the amount groups can apply for. The council’s resources are limited however and as a guide £1000 is a sensible maximum. Only exceptional applications will be considered for a larger award. We will only fund a percentage of the costs of a project and the applicant must provide evidence of their own fund raising efforts. there is no limit to the number of applications any group may make in any financial year.

There is no limit to the number of applications any group may make in any financial year.

Submitting your application

Please complete and return this application form to;

Town Clerk, Neyland Town Council
Council Office, Neyland Community Hub
John Street, Neyland,
Pembs SA73 1TF

Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis and applications received on or before the last working day of the month will be assessed in the subsequent month.

Town Improvement Grant Application form

The Town Council has been able to make substantial contributions towards the development of projects undertaken by:

  • Brunel Festival
  • Neyland Athletic Club
  • Neyland Choir
  • Neyland Cricket Club
  • Neyland Cultural Purposes Fund
  • Neyland & District Angling Club
  • Neyland Mini Football
  • Neyland School
  • Neyland Scout Group